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20 - 22 July
Arthur Tableland Fit

Option for either 2 days or 3 days

Option 1

Friday: Flora saddle to Asbestos Cottage - about 5 hours.
Saturday: Asbestos Cottage to Balloon hut via Bullock track about 5 hours
Sunday: Balloon hut to Flora carpark via Gordons Pyramid. Up to 8 hours. May take a side trip up Mt Arthur.

An ice axe will need to be carried as there may be icy snow on the Bullock Track before Lake Peel and is required for Mt Arthur.

Option 2

There is the option of a 2 day only trip walking up the valley to Balloon hut Saturday then returning via Gordons pyramid on Sunday

3 day trip contact Simon 020 410 85078 or minaret@xnet.co.nz
2 day trip contact Andrea work phone 539 3758 and leave a message

22 July
Dun Mtn.-Little Twin Fit


From Maitai Dam, a long climb up to Dun Mountain then over Little Twin to Dew Lakes. Return down via the Rush Pools. 

The day has changed to Sunday due to weather forecast 

28 - 29 July
Lower Goulter Hut Easy

A relatively cruisy walk up valley to stay at Lower Goulter Hut (8 bunks).
Times: 3 hr 30 min (14 km).
Location: Mt Richmond Forest Park, accessed from Wairau valley.

This could be combined with another 'keener' party coming from Lake Chalice, or direct via Mid-Goulter Hut.

Ray may be contacted via his cell-phone:
021 135 8739 or email: newsletter@hotpixels.co.nz

28 July
Mount Royal (1365 m) Fit

From the Northbank road, Bartletts road, Quartz creek.

Leaving Nelson 7am, return in the evening.


3 - 5 August
Lake Rotoiti Easy

As a side trip to Debbie's Snow skills I am heading up to my family bach at Rotoiti Friday night and staying till Sunday. 

Limited spaces for anyone wanting to come stay ph / text 0275870151

No set plans but weather permitting a day trip in the area on Saturday with evening board games, tasty dinner and possible beverages...

Sunday morning we can head up to Rainbow to join the groups coming from Nelson.