Previous trips

Date Startsort icon Trip Status Leader
Sat, 12.05.2012 Brook to Founders Done Alison Pickford
Sun, 06.05.2012 Lookout Pk, Opouri Saddle Cancelled Jim Maxwell
Sat, 05.05.2012 Hellfire Stream, Rainbow Done Dion Pont
Sat, 28.04.2012 Map & Compass Training Done Mike Glover
Sun, 22.04.2012 Ruth Commemorative Done Pat Holland
Sun, 15.04.2012 Mt Malita, Aniseed Valley Done Jim Maxwell
Sat, 14.04.2012 Lees Cr/MangertonSad loop Done Ken Ridley
Sun, 08.04.2012 Hacket and Browning Huts Done Gillian Arbuthnott
Fri, 06.04.2012 Red Hills traverse Done Raymond S & Mike G
Mon, 02.04.2012 Club Night Done
Fri, 30.03.2012 Cupola Basin Hut, NLNP Done Uta Purcell
Sun, 25.03.2012 Rough Cr/No Catchem Str Done Silvano Lorandi
Sat, 24.03.2012 Nydia Saddle,Tennyson In Cancelled Robyn Walsh
Sun, 18.03.2012 Mt Campbell from Brooklyn Cancelled Jim Maxwell
Sat, 10.03.2012 The Haystack, Matiri Cancelled Silvano Lorandi
Sat, 10.03.2012 King'sCreek Hut,Wangapeka Done Brenda Griffin
Sat, 10.03.2012 Mt Fishtail, Wairau Done Silvano Lorandi
Sun, 04.03.2012 Big Rocky, Tadmor Cancelled David Blunt
Sat, 03.03.2012 Fosters Hut & Mt Baldy Done Raymond Salisbury
Sun, 26.02.2012 Sugar Loaf Ridge,Flora Sa Done Jim Maxwell