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Sunday trips; please book by Thursday.

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13 - 24 September
Spenser Range High Passes Fit 

Simon Garton Email:

Phone: 020 410 85078

I am planning a spring trip, there is interest for option 1 so please contact me if interested to join. Limited spaces.

Nelson Lakes to Lewis Pass tramp with high pass crossings. The route will be from Sabine hut at the head of Lake Rotoroa to Blue Lake hut, then over Waiau and Thompson passes to Bob's hut. From Bob's hut travel west of the Spenser range to Ada Pass hut and out to Lewis Pass highway. Duration about 6 days. Ice axe, crampons and tents will need to be carried.

22 - 23 September
Mt Fishtail Fit (Scale: 3.9)  $NR

Michele Cunningham Email:

Phone: 021 537 421

Climb Mt Fishtail (1643m) in the Mt Richmond Forest Park near Blenheim.

On Saturday we will drive to Pine Valley Road off Northbank Road, then walk the steep track to Mt Fishtail Hut (5-6 hours walk). 

On Sunday will will walk an hour to the summit of Mt Fishtail where we will hopefully be rewarded with fantastic views (could also be done Saturday afternoon depending on the weather).  Then we will return down the same track to the carpark. 

Mt Fishtail Hut is only 4 bunks, with only a couple of good campsites near the hut.  We also cannot guarantee there won't be others at the hut before us.  Therefore this trip will be limited to 8 PEOPLE.  Tents MUST be carried, ideally we will organise for 2 person tents with everyone sharing to maximise space. 

30 September
Snow Trip TBA Grade TBD 

Andrea Cockerton

Phone: 539 3758 (w)

1 October
Club Night Grade TBD 

Kate Krawczyk Email:

Phone: 5476463

Nelson Intermediate School staff rooms. 7:30pm 

Gold coin donation

Please join us for a presentation of our members' Peter and Michele's recent trip to the mountains of Peru.


7 October
TBA Grade TBD 

Graeme Ferrier Email:

Phone: 539 4094

14 October
Julius Summit/Speargrass Grade TBD  $NR

Ian Morris Email:

Phone: 546 4785

From Mt Robert carpark, up Robert Ridge to near Julius Summit. Drop down off-track to Speargrass Hut and return to carpark via Speargrass track. Approx. 15km with 900m climb. About 7 hours. 


18 - 22 October
Leatham Circuit Fit 

Mike Drake Email:

Phone: 522 4458

Please note: Limited to 10 people.

Day 1: Gordon Hut

Day 2: Saxton Hut

Day 3: Severn Hut

Day 4: Top Leatham Hut

Day 5: Bottom Gordon Hut and Nelson


More details to come.

28 October
Brook Sanctuary Grade TBD 

Kath Ballantine Email:

Phone: 027 931 5689

Come and walk in the Sanctuary. The predators have been eliminated, the bird numbers are increasing, there are some great tracks.

We will walk along the valley floor, then take a spur (steep initially) to the top boundary 850M, traverse the boundary before returning down another spur to the valley floor.

3 November

Leah Parker Email:

Phone: 547 5683

Wonder up Mt Stoke and camp on the top for those keen to catch the sunrise from this magic spot.

Families welcome. 

Timing details tbc...

5 November
Pub night - Freehouse 7pm Grade TBD 

Michele Cunningham Email:

Phone: 021 537 421

Come along from 7pm for a relaxed drink and chat to other clubbies.  

11 November
Hoary Head Hard (Scale: 4.2)  $NR

Barry James Email:

Phone: 546 6153


Drive to near the top of Mt Campbell (1330m), walk over the summit then pick up the ridge to Hoary Head. The ridge is open at first then enters the bush and goes over a couple of high points before climbing to the broad summit of Hoary Head (1473m). Return the same way. Approx 18km with up to 1300m of climbing on little or no track. High clearance 4WDs required to access Mt Campbell.

Topo50 Map BP24
18 November
TBA Grade TBD 

Patrick Holland Email:

Phone: 539 1340

24 - 25 November
Training trip-Cedar Flats Medium  $NR

Liz Henderson Email:


Weekend trip - this is designed as a training trip covering different skills along the way in doable terrain - river crossing, bushcraft, navigation with an emphasis on leadership skills.  Will need to carry an overnight pack and tents.  Not for beginners and club members will be prioritised for this trip.



Saturday:  early start, drive to the start of the track. Spend the day walking in to Ceder flats, practicing and discussing leadership responsibilities. Everyone will have a turn at being a leader. 

Saturday night:  discussion on trip planning and decision making while out in the hills, (eg) weather, terrain, and group ability. 

Sunday:  return to the cars, practicing everything we have learned. 

Topo50 Map BV19
2 December
TBA Grade TBD 

Raymond Salisbury Email:

Phone: 546 8060

9 December
TBA Grade TBD 

Tim Tyler Email:

Phone: 927 6189

16 December
Maitai Caves Easy 

Sue Henley Email:


Easy and relaxed stroll up to the Maitai caves, no mountains to climb, only a gentle incline just before we reach the caves. Lunch at the caves and time to explore before returning back the same way. 3-4 hour easy round trip. 

23 December
TBA Grade TBD 

Chris Louth Email:

Phone: 547 6628

Trip leader required for this weekend. Any grade, any destination

6 January
TBA Grade TBD 

Mike Drake Email:

Phone: 522 4458

13 January
TBA Grade TBD 

Silvano Lorandi Email:

Phone: 548 1960

20 January
TBA Grade TBD 

Richard Walker Email:

Phone: 544 0348

22 January
TBA Grade TBD  $NR

Brian Renwick Email:

Phone: 021 0824 9260

27 January
TBA Grade TBD 

Steve McGlone Email:

Phone: 021 233 8531

2 - 6 February
Alpine Route Fit 

Sue Henley Email:


Alpine Route - Richmond forest park.

Details to come.